A lot of companies talk the talk regarding energy efficiency but here at vision we walk the walk as well. As a long-standing Kommerling trade supplier, our five chambered lead free uPVC windows sets the standard for energy efficiency.

For your customers energy efficient double glazing means they can save in the region over £100 each year on their energy bills, which at a time of rising commodity and fuel prices is a huge selling point. So it pays to choose a supplier of the most highly energy efficientwindows and doors

You will be familiar with our industry’s window energy rating scheme which checks the energy efficiency of windows, with ‘A’ rating being the highest achievable score. Vision is proud to offer ‘A’ and ‘B’ rated windows which demonstrates our commitment to helping you give your customers the best.

And along with reduced bills, energy saving double glazing will keep your customers home’s warmer and give them a more relaxing living space as it will reduce draughts and eliminate outside noise.

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